More watercolour pencil art, from Mrs Rambling Librarian – “Orchids”

Here’s another watercolour-pencil piece by my wife. This is her second one (first piece, here). Since she prefers not to reveal her name, let’s just call her Mrs Rambling Librarian : )
Orchids 4 - by Mrs RamblingLibrarian
“Orchids” (Aug 2006), Watercolour pencil on watercolour paper. Lower res scan 150 x 200 pixels

I must say, this is quite good (I’m not just saying this to get into her good books, heh). She did her sketch with the watercolour pencils direct onto watercolour paper (no pencil whatsoever). Spontaneous and natural. That’s what I meant.
Orchids 1 - by Mrs RamblingLibrarian

Then she coloured in with the watercolour pencils, then applied water. The differences, between the one done in colour-pencil and the one with water applied to it, are more apparent when you view the larger image. The former (left) is more “scratchy” in finish while obviously the latter (right) has had the lines smoothed with water:
Orchids 2 - by Mrs RamblingLibrarianOrchids 3 - by Mrs RamblingLibrarian

Her finishing touch was to add an imprint of a chinese seal. It’s amazing how much more “professional” a chinese seal makes the drawing look! Hey, looks like a majong tile, don’t you think? 🙂
Orchids 4 - by Mrs RamblingLibrarian

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