Corel Painter IX Art Gallery

Screen Capture - Corel Painter IX Art GalleryI hear so much about Photoshop CS2 nowadays, but someone reminded me that Corel Painter is a pretty cool app as well. I have Corel Painter Essentials 2 that came with my Intuos tablet, so decided to look up some resources on Painter and landed on the Corel site, specifically the art gallery. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) — impressive stuff:

Click on the icons to view the illustrations (it’ll open up a new window, with references to the artist’s website). See also these pages:

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2 thoughts on “Corel Painter IX Art Gallery

  1. Hi,

    Glad you found Painter and how cool it is. You can find more info on it and links and tutorials on the Digital Painting Forum. You do need to register with your real name to get in. On your screen shot of the Painter Masters page, I’m the last column, fourth from the bottom. Kids on the Beach in bright colors.
    Welcome to the Painter World.


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