Music Podcast: “Electric Rain Dance 8”

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I hope that you enjoy this. I had loads of fun making this — bit by bit, track by track, layer by layer. Took me maybe 2 weeks. Not grammy material but I’m pretty darn pleased with it anyhow.

Electric Rain Dance 8” – 4mins 32secs
Genre: Rock

The drum beats and sound effects were mixed and matched from generic loops from GarageBand. The guitar rhythm and melodies were played from a ‘live’ instrument — specifically this baby here:
My guitarI had this guitar for more than 12 years. Mucking around with the Mac gave me a reason to give the good old guitar a good wipe down and a new set of strings.

The rhythmn and melody is based on the Em (E-minor), D, C and G chords. Pretty basic stuff.

Oh, don’t ask me to play it again ‘cos I didn’t write down anything. Thinking about it now, I guess how I create music is a lot like how I paint — each piece is an original and hard to duplicate. That’s because I’ve never been formally trained in music theory. What I learnt about up about the playing the electric guitar has been from friends and from library books (in that order). I probably could learn music theory from library books but nah, I’ll pass.

For me, each musical piece is like an original painting — once I finish it, it’s done. I enjoy it for what it is, and for the learning process, and start over.

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