Music Experiment: “TechnoJungle”

Worked on this on and off over 2 weeks or so, using my free time at night and on weekends. My most ambitious GarageBand project to date, in the sense that I tried to “paint” a visualscape using sounds.

Here’s the link to play via – “TechnoJungle
(MP3 uploaded at

Created using iLife ‘06 GarageBand’s generic loops; Total playing time 6min 36secs. This piece is supposed to depict modern city life (which in many ways, isn’t that far off from a “jungle”).

It starts with traffic sounds, then a subway (mobile phone ringing). In comes the drums and beats (fade in the Ambient Guitar in the background) — they take centre stage for a few counts. Then fade out the Ambient Guitar and cue in I think a Rock Guitar Strum, then Electric Guitar Wah effect. Cue in the animal roar and Forest/ jungle sounds…

Cue in “Dream Guitar”, and then fade in the earlier guitar strumming. This part features a guitar riff pieced together from various roack guitar loops. You will hear the Thunder and lightning and rain.

Now this part is where I visualise the jungle giving way to the concrete jungle. Cue in the drum beats, ambient guitar (leaving the guitar strumming). You’ll hear a”Number Not in Use” telephone message, cue in other sounds like dog barking, young child laughing, then rooster, monkey sounds… fade out with Ambient Guitar and crickets.

The screenshot shows 10 layers/ tracks, but in actual fact there’s a lot more added. I can’t even remember what and how I put them together. While the GarageBand factory loops are there and the same for everyone, the end product created by individuals are really different. Which facinates me no end 🙂