Music Experiment/ Sound Clash Challenge: “So I Am A Werewolf”

Here’s my response to Sound Clash Challenge #4 (SC -4):

So I Am A Werewolf
(also uploaded to

The rules were:

Time Limit: 1:30
Application: Garage Band / Fruity Loops
Condition 1: Full Song
Condition 2: Evil / Dark style
Condition 3: 1 line / mic input – ie. turntable / instrument / vocals / synth
Condition 4: Photo and title accompanying track
Allowed: factory loops, mic input, manual input
Not Allowed: use of other applications (sorry no wave editors TTM)

I’ve managed to stick to all the conditions except the time. Exceed by 30mins, which automatically disqualified me. However, since I was almost done I decided not to submit a half-baked piece and completed it. My consolation was that I managed to create a new track from scratch in 2 hours, in one seating, with no prior planning except whatever came to my head as I mucked around with GarageBand.

Started working on this around 11pm that night, really on a whim. Started up GarageBand, remembered I had this Sherba picture and it could pass as a Werewolf:
1989 (Aug) Sherba - Arakian Trakker Hound 180705

The problem was coming up with the bass riff (I had to experiment with splicing and modifying from one of the loops) and also editing the loon call to make it sound more wolf-like. Getting those 2 parts right already took 45mins. Then I had to decide how to make it a complete song, piece them together with the appropriate drum beats and that took up 20mins.

Next I recorded the werewolf voice. Again, this was uncharted grounds for me. Played around with the vocal effects and had to think on the fly what to record. I settled on a grunting/ panting/ roar to start off the track; cue the first set of beat; cue in the werewolf saying “So I am a Werewolf” and then repeat, and added “Am I evil?” and “I wear my fangs outside”.

To end it off, I recorded “So I’m a Werewolf. I wear my fangs outside. What about you?” Kind of like a message to mean that what appears as evil could inherently be better than someone disguising themselves to look good but wearing their “fangs” hidden from view.

Ok, this was tough but quite fulfilling.

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