My SSEAYP memories

Blue waters rolling beneath white crests.
Liquid landscape broken,
Dreamers floating on a whim.

Tomorrow never comes,
Only the music of laughter abound.
Too tired to care, too happy to worry.

Sailing into foreign lands,
Leaving with second homes.
Fostered kinships sealed with ribbons and tears.

A moment of waiting
Turns into an eternity of regrets.
Pain, confusion; anger, resignation.

When acceptance finally comes,
Laughter echoes through carpeted halls
Once again.

Sorrow greets the grey morning.
Strangers no longer
But leaving just the same.

Rapturous moments recalled.
Sparks among the stars,
Eternal in our own cosmos
Ivan Chew, 16 Oct 2001

Originally posted at the 28th sseayp Amateur Poetry Club. There was a tragic road accident for the batch of 2001. The first time in the 28 years that any major accident like that occurred. Our voyage was cut short and well, it was sad and frustrating but that’s life. It’s been almost 5 years since the trip. Half a decade — imagine that.

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