American Society of Botanical Artists

American Society of Botanical ArtsThanks to Jean ( for the heads-up:

The American Society of Botanical Artists, Inc. (ASBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public awareness of botanical art and to encouraging the development of this continuing artistic tradition.

The botanical art tradition combines science and art. Botanical artists seek to understand the structure of plants and to communicate this knowledge to their audience in an aesthetically pleasing manner. While botanical art encompasses a range of styles, the focus of the ASBA is on work that conforms to the above definition, whether it takes the form of scientific illustration or realistic flower painting.

Incorporated in February 1995, the ASBA is open to all artists and others interested in furthering the development of botanical art. Annual participation, is open to individuals and institutions worldwide. To join, please see our Membership page. [Read More]
Last accessed: 2 May 2006

ASBA is at (hosted out of Hunt Institute, which I found to be quite an interesting site).

Check out the Exhibitions page (I found it interesting to read the thoughts and write up behind the exhibitions), the Members Gallery (where there are links to works by the artists listed), and the newsletter (WARNING: the newsletters are in PDF, up to 1MB. Last time I tried to assess, I got an error message and caused all my browser windows to close…)

I didn’t find a lot of artworks on the site itself. What’s useful are the links to the artists and its newsletter.


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  1. I am an art teacher and practicing artist. I am currently collaborating with a science teacher to write a grant that would fund cross-discipline coursework connecting botanical art and wetlands. I would appreciate any comment you or your members might offer with regard to botanical art as it might pertain to documenting/creating a wetland. We plan to provide an opportunity for students to create and maintain a wetland project that is on school property. The botanical art component will be to document all plant life and phases of the project.

    P. S. I found the article “Hunt Institute exhibit plucks botanical artists from obscurity” by Kurt Shaw of the Pittsburgh Tribune exceptional. I really wish I could get my hands on a copy of the exhibit catalogue to support the grant. gbs

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