“Green Peas” by Mieke Roth

I learnt about Mieke Roth’s work over at the BotanicalArt mailing list. He She shared one of his recent work done with gouache (otherwise known as “poster paints”).

I emailed him her to ask if he she had images to show how the work progressed from the start till finish, and Mieke very kindly directed me to her site (in Dutch).
Volkskrant Blog

Mieke also added:

Normally I do scan my illustrations along the way, I like to see such a process myself also. I did one for the green pea and placed it on my Dutch blog (www.volkskrantblog.nl/bericht/46762). The comments are in Dutch, but the images explain themselves I think. I changed my routine between the green pea and the winged bean in the fact that with the winged bean I made all the under painting in one go, while with the green pea I started by painting the complete right flower and worked my way around the illustration. The change in work style has a reason: the winged bean is too complicated to do it like I did with the green pea: along the way all the pencil lines would have gone 😉

If you don’t read Dutch, you can do a translation of the blog by using a service like Babelfish (babelfish.altavista.com). Translations are not perfect though. For instance, it translates the word “blog” as “web-unwieldly“, LOL!