“Coffee at the Alcove” by Karen Winters

Here’s a brief tutorial from Karen Winters (www.karenwinters.com/kblog). She sketched the tree in pencil (while her hubby queue for coffee, hence the title of her post) then digitially painted it in layers using Photoshop.

I’ve created a grad from green to brown, pulled back the opacity to 50%, and set the grad to multiply…

… I made a composite of the previous layers and put it on a fresh layer. Then I added new layers and painted some foliage where it made sense. There are three layers of leaves, in varying opacity and color, to suggest volume and depth. I also painted a little color on the trunk.

Check out her blog post for details on how it was done.

2 thoughts on ““Coffee at the Alcove” by Karen Winters

  1. This artwork is not included under a creative commons license. All rights are reserved to me, the artist. Please remove it from your blog.

    • Hello Karen, the image has been removed as you requested. Just to clarify: the image was never downloaded and re-posted in this blog. It was linked to your page; users who click on the image would view your page directly (with the title and text pointing to you as the creator). Of course, with what I know now, I wouldn’t have published the post in this manner. I’d forgotten about it until your comment. My apologies. Best regards.

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