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I love how they’ve incorporated the splash of watercolours as part of the mainpage design. The Singapore Watercolour Society ( was founded on 18 Aug 1969 by 13 watercolour enthusiasts. Read more of their history here (the page has links to seven of the founders’ website as of this post).

Singapore Watercolour Society
The society’s stated objectives are:

3 thoughts on “Singapore Watercolour Society

  1. I think it is done wet on wet. When one colour dries, the other is placed – light ones first, dark ones later.

  2. Hi,

    Wet on wet is applying paint onto wet paint. Play with paint concentration to achieve required effects through different paint density and saturation.

    When one color dries, another layer goes on top of it is called glazing but I like to call it layering.

    One more common technique used by Andrew Wyeth a lot is called dry brush. Pigment on brush with almost no water. Apply it against friction of paper surface to
    get requirement textures.

    However, techniques are secondary. True skills and knowledge come first.


  3. Cool!!!

    Watercolor Fan. I like your comments!!


    Ng Woon Lam — Singapore Watercolour Society member artist.

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