“Limbo”: Mobile Multi-Rocket System (1990)

My 4th submission to the Robot theme from Illustration Friday. This one was also an original sketch from 1990 — more like a doodle. It was part of an entire page of doodles. I cropped this part and cleaned up the surrounding lines with MS Paint.

“Limbo”: Mobile Multi-Rocket System (1990). Ink on paper; Alcohol-based marker.

I envisioned this robot to be a human-operated one, with the operator seated in the cockpit. It’s primary function is to carry and launch an array of missiles and rockets. There’s a couple of anxillary guns sticking out at the side as well (close quarters fire support & anti-personnel defence). Unlike wheeled or tracked vehicles, it’s bipedal design enables it to move across uneven terrains and obstacles much more effectively. Naturally, it’s armoured too. Why “Limbo”? ‘Cos it’ll blast you to limbo lah!

What can I say? I’m a guy who likes reading all the Military Sci-Fi/ Techno-thriller stuff.

If you think it looks suspiciously like the robot that went berserk in the 1987 movie Robocop, you might be right. Basic chunky design.

Actually, now that I rack my (left) brain a bit, the real inspiration came not from Robocop but from the 1990 Gulf War. The newspapers carried almost daily pictures and news about the military buildup for Operation Desert Shield (which later became Desert Storm). It also explains the soldiers in the foreground.

If you look at the centre of my robot, it looks like some aircraft cockpit. I probably botched the sketch for the aircraft (maybe it looked too fat) and so I started adding parts here and there, so one line led to another while in my doodle-mode and that’s how “Limbo” the Mobile Multi-Rocket System came to be. I added the soldiers in the foreground to give a sense of the size of the machine.

Right… I’m on a roll with this Robot theme. Have got more to submit. So far, I’ve got:

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  1. Great drawing style! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I haven’t done a How it Was Done post. Don’t want to give away my secrets yet!

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