Cybernetic Hand (original, 1990)

Cybernetic Hand (Sept 1990)
“Cybernetic Hand”, Sept 1990. Ink on sketch paper (scanned image: 648 x 804 pixels)

The theme for Illustration Friday (21 Apr ’06) was “Robot” (suggested by Dan Santat). Robot = Artificial device to perform human tasks (see definitions from How Stuff Works and also the Wikipedia entry). I dug around my earlier works and thought this fitted the theme, although when I did this back in 1990, I was thinking more of Cybernetics (the field of control and communications in living things and machines — see this, this or this).

The sketch came quite by chance. I was attempting a sketch of my left hand & forearm. For some reason, I ended up adding cables, wires and assorted machine parts to the picture. It was like what they say about eating potato-chips: “Once you start, you can’t stop!” Heh.

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15 thoughts on “Cybernetic Hand (original, 1990)

  1. From the looks of this hand, I think by 1990 you already had a great appreciation for nature and its intricacy. (Robot veins look like roots) Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Invader Zim!

  2. This is exceedingly cool. I can’t help but see a face in the palm joint (first knuckle?) of the middle finger.

    Do you see it too?


  3. Right, the fact dat this was an original illustration is indeed cool…
    Attention to details is obvious…Reminds me of Luke Skywalker’s digi-arm…

  4. Very cool! It makes me think of Spielberg’s film “A.I.” when the various rogue robots would scavenge for replacement parts. Great detail!

  5. To Canyonman: It was completed relatively fast. Maybe because I had a clear picture of what I wanted in my mind already. Was just a matter of going with the flow.

    To MjM: You’re right! Now I see the face too. Maybe a company logo? New artform? Knuckle Tattoo? πŸ™‚

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  8. I still can’t believe people can draw this stuff, literally just amazing stuff… blows my mind completely.

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