Magic Mushroom

Mushroom 190406
I snapped this picture while walking my dog this morning. I’d decided to talk a shortcut and walked under the trees. Somehow, I noticed this fungi beneath my feet. It was about 6 to 8 cm in height. I had my digital camera with me and decided to take a macro shot… well, as macro as I could make it.

The shot turned out quite nice, in terms of composition and focus, by my amateur standards after considering that my dog was tugging at the leash and I couldn’t really aim the camera properly. I had no tripod so I placed my left index finger on the ground to support the camera, roughly aimed the lens and peered at the viewing screen (couldn’t quite see it clearly as the camera was slanted towards the mushroom) and took the shot.


6 thoughts on “Magic Mushroom

  1. Definitely a nice shot. Try clearing the foreground with some blur effects to accentuate and bring focus to the macro subject.

  2. You are most welcome!
    I love the mood captured by Nordljus. She also cooks some wonderful food, check out her food blog

    I think it’s true to some extent that your camera doesn’t matter. You can take the best photos if you know the limitations/capabilities of your camera well. But if there are some shots you have in mind that you want to capture, you just can’t do it with any point and shoot camera.

    I also read with interest your post about composing and recording your own music in your own home. I wonder if you know of any softwares that could for example capture a melody/voice/humming and then convert to musical notes? Kinda crazy?

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