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I asked an artist friend if she knew where I could find art forums/ discussion boards in Singapore. She says there are some “scattered around” and pointed out three of them to me. My artist friend also adds: “It’s always the same small group of illustrators actively practising and posting their work up in all three of the forums. 😀“.

I guess that can’t be helped. It’s common to find only a handful of active members in any given forum. Also, Singapore’s illustration scene is relatively small and there’s only so many artists and illustrators, at least those willing to come into the open (I’m sure there are many ‘latent artists’ out there).

This one’s called The section called eTalk that has posts of members’ intros and their websites. There is the showcase of members’ works but it seems that there are more posts in the general discussion area than art-related ones.
My impression is that this forum is a relatively small, relaxed, friendly and close-knit group. A nice and non-intimating place to start for those new to the Singapore online art/ illustration community.

sgcafeThis one’s called Don’t let the lack of a website banner fool you into thinking it’s a “small” group. It’s a lot more active than SGcomic, judging from the recency of posts as well as the number of topics discussed. Posted artwork seems a tad more sophisticated that those I’ve scanned in SGcomic. The main areas of interests includes Anime/ Manga, Illustrations, Cosplay (i.e. Costume Play), Gaming. Also the usual non-art discussion segment. Still pretty informal but I guess due to its size and number of posts, newbies might get a bit intimidated (though there’s really no need to be).

This one is called The forum appears more focused on illustrations based on what I could scan through. There’s a “Art Work Challenge” section (basically like an Art Meme), which I’ve not seen in the other two forums.
Quite an active forum, with frequent posts. The posted works tend to be quite sophisticated and I’d consider this one to be like “intermediate level” forum.

The above reviews are not meant to be comprehensive. You might see them differently. I’ll review more local ones when I come across them.

2 thoughts on “Singapore Art/ Animation forums

  1. Kendrick Lim aka Kunkka


    Sean Tay aka IodineSoup

    His Alice In Roboland comic can be found at

    Eric Yeo. I think he does not put up his work often.
    But when he does, it’s totally mindblowing.

    Don Low

    Professional illustrator. Her works appear in FHM and CLEO.

    Frankly, it’s very humbling to know there’s so much talent out there.

  2. hi there..i came across this creative website set up by the creative community of singapore! so was thinkin u might be interested to check it out! e website itself is realli cool and if u have wacky ideas, can also feel free to post them. can win some prizes i think. anyway, go check it out!

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