Headline Poetry

This is really interesting, from The Reflective Teacher — something called “Headline Poetry” (more over at Borderland). I think it’s a great way to change the perspective of those who perceive “poetry” to be an arty-farty thing.

Here’s how Headline Poetry, or “Found Poetry”, works (as I understand it):

  • You take a bunch of newspapers, magazines, anything with text on it
  • Select/ distribute them at random (maybe 4 or 5 sheets)
  • Go over the selection and cut out words and phrases from the sheets
  • Compose something out of the random selection of words and phrases, including pictures
  • You’re not allowed to write anything on your own — only those cut-outs of words and phrases

I might try this at the next opportunity to conduct a workshop for librarians. Would be an interesting exercise in creativity and maybe a fun primer to Poetry.

Tag: creative learning