Buep – by Cecilia Gabbie

This is buep (buep.blogspot.com), an illustration blog by Cecilia Gabbie. I wonder what “buep” means. You might want to use a language translation tool like this one, ‘cos the site is in Spanish (at least it works when I translate it as Spanish to English). Apparently, the tagline “Diseños y sueños” means “Designs and Dreams”. Very apt indeed.

I like the soft pastel/ wash effect of pictures like ‘Otro descanso’ (‘Another Rest’), ‘Descanso’ (‘Rest’), and ‘Felicidades!’ (‘Congratulations!’) My favourite is this one titled ‘Empezamos!’ (‘We Began!’) which looks like an illustration out of a children’s book.

3 thoughts on “Buep – by Cecilia Gabbie

  1. Hi! I’m Cecilia Gabbi, the author of “buep”.
    Buep doens’t mean anything, it’s just a kind of the english “yeah” 😉

    I see this post is quite an old one… anyway, here is the answer! Thanks for the kind words. I hope you still like my work :))


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