Max the Dog (Postcard series)

2004 (Sept) Max postcards"Max the Dog" (Watercolour postcard series), 20 Sept 2004 (low resolution scan).

This was a series of four postcard-sized watercolour painting of my dog, Max. One evening, he was at his usual spot on the foot stool. It was one of those moments when you felt like you could draw something. I quickly took out the postcard watercolour paper (those you could actually use as postcards and mail it out) and I managed to complete four pencil sketches in quick succession. Then I painted them that very same evening as well. I guess the finished works was so-so, though my wife says they were OK — the top-left captured his eyes and the bottom-right capture his usual doggone look šŸ™‚ The quality of the scanned image wasn't that good (not that I'm trying to make excuses). The tough part in painting this was the fur. I remember trying to use wetter washes to achieve that soft look, but don't think I quite got it.


2 thoughts on “Max the Dog (Postcard series)

  1. These are GORGEOUS!! I want to just lean over and pet this adorable dog-your watercolor is so perfect. He looks like one I had- a schnauzer? Right?

  2. Yup, he’s a Schnauzer. The best dog in the world (well, in my world at least — and I bet all dog owners say the same thing about their dog). Thanks for your compliments, but you’re much too kind. I can spot several areas to improve in terms of technique… but it’s a start. šŸ™‚

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