Glass-top tables as discussion visualisation aids

Here's a Creative Learning idea from Siva, on recycling old glass-top tables:

I love using whiteboard markers on glass-top tables during meetings. It helps when illustrating points during a discussion, and the museum meeting room has one which I have often left covered in scrawls.

When I moved back into my office, I shanghaied an old glass-topped table so that discussions could continue in my corner even when the other room is occupied. Its another feature of my now Toddycats-friendly office!

The glass top came in useful during a discussion about crab diets last week. The photo was left over in the Canon 300D I borrowed to try out.

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5 thoughts on “Glass-top tables as discussion visualisation aids

  1. I do something similar in teaching. When I’m walking around with a student (who’s escaping another classroom) I grab a dry-erase marker from my pocket and start writing on windows around the school.

    It’s definitely helped me reach a few of my students at the time of need.

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