Cat ‘N’ Mouse (2006)

Cat-N-Mouse (Apr 2006)
"Cat 'N' Mouse". Pencil & Ink on sketch paper. 9 Apr 2006

I was reading Siva's post, "Mr Bats keeps me company", and decided to practice drawing Mr. Bats (his cat). And then I noticed the computer mouse, and looked as if Mr. Bats was trying to touch it. Which inspired me to draw the above picture.


3 thoughts on “Cat ‘N’ Mouse (2006)

  1. Hey, if this came with color, especially for the fur of the cat (think Sully in ‘Monsters Inc.’), I’d definitely use it as my desktop wallpaper!Like the face…cat’s got the pensive look…Btw, what happened to the other side of the whiskers? 🙂

  2. I might revisit this and add colours to it via Photoshop… but the fur effect won’t be as good as Pixar’s animation. Oh, I guess I couldn’t see Mr Bat’s whiskers at the original post – – I should’ve added them in I guess. Arrgh, now that you’ve mentioned it… darn!

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