Batgirl Chinese-style

BatGirl Chinese Style (Apr 2006)
"Batgirl, Chinese-style", Apr 2006. Digital medium (Photoshop), low resolution JPEG (original size 526 x 528 pixels).

How this was done in Photoshop (in brief):
First, the main drawing was completed (after sketching and painting in layers — all in Photoshop).
BatGirl ChineseStyle_1

In another layer, I wrote the Chinese character for "Woman" using a Wet Brush setting.
BatGirl ChineseStyle_2

In a 3rd layer, I created the background, also using a Wet Brush setting.
BatGirl ChineseStyle_3

Finally, I added another Background Fill at 30% setting, and set the Chinese Character layer to 21% Opacity, to get the final version.
BatGirl Chinese Style (Apr 2006)

See "Art Sunday: Batgirl Chinese-style (Batgirl Meme)", on the concept and research process.