Armour (1989)

1989 (May) Armour 

Armour: A.R.V. 6(May 1989). Watercolour pencils & Ink on paper.

I think this was inspired by a Star Wars Tie Fighter pilot action figure that belonged to my brother. Or to be specific, I built upon the helmet and the chest plate design.

In the sketch, I added a weapon in the left hand, a truncheon in his right, body armour-plating, and armoured cables (the idea was that the weapons and other equipment were hooked to his armoured suit’s control systems).

Coloured with watercolour pencils (i.e. water-soluble colour pencils) and inked over with black and a little of red (I remembered I only had these two ink colours available).


2 thoughts on “Armour (1989)

  1. Wah, doesn’t look so much like Halo, but more like a Singaporean-made terminator. I cannot draw as well, so I must bow down to your greatness! 😀

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