Audio: January Skies

Sound file can be downloaded at:

How it was done:

  1. Take one simple no-frills microphone, plug it to a laptop.
  2. Place laptop and mic on top of a upright-piano.
  3. Launch the sound recording/ editing software (freeware).
  4. Play a few bars, take sample recordings, adjust the volume controls… try a few takes… sounds OK.
  5. Fiddled with sound editing software — that took a longer time but it was easy enough.
  6. Happy with edited recording? OK, find a audio hosting service, create an account, upload file — and hey, I’ve become a published musician in less than a day!

Only minor editing involved — cutting out the front and end (where there was just silence), increasing the overall playback volume, and adding a “Wah-wah” effect to one small part near the end of the track.

Reference: Music Experiment: January Skies


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