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[Originally posted at RawNotes.blogspot.com, 15 Dec 05]

If you are into computer art, computer drawing or computer graphics, then you’d love ‘Digital Painting’ featuring the works of Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang.
Ballistic Pub., Australia: c2004
Call No.: q750.285
ISBN: 09 750 9655 9
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Each of the featured artist talks about their style and techniques, where they draw their inspiration and ideas. There’s also a step-by-step tutorial where you get to see how the digital canvas is transformed into a picture.

Amazing stuff. I thought the paintings were acrylics or oils but was stunned to learn that it’s all digital.


9 thoughts on “d’artiste: Digital Painting

  1. If you’re into fantasy art, maybe you could try “Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell: The Ultimate Collection” (ISBN: 006088102X)…Great pics & attention to details…

  2. Thanks..Actually I already own the book..
    Btw, any recommendations for a good book or 2 for beginners in airbrush painting?
    A lot of stuff on ‘Right Brain’ is software, sketches & H2oColor..

  3. Hi Wails, the link was more for my reference as well as others who drop by… Say, are you who I think you are? If so, then may I borrow the book 🙂

    You see more sketches, watercolours and digital art over at this blog ‘cos those are the styles and techniques that I’m interested in. I’ve not explored airbrush painting. Tried it once and found it too tedious (it didn’t help when I had to sneak around to use it behind my brother’s back at that time… heh). I used a keyword search “airbrush painting” over at http://vistaweb.nlb.gov.sg and found several books. But I don’t have any personal recommendations.

  4. Thanks for the tip..already did relevant search before shamelessly askg here coz thot u might know a bits more of titles not listed in vistaweb..It’s sorrite, will check with peeps at ART FRIEND or Basheer’s then..

  5. myrightbrain.wordpress.com – the most necessary site!

    I think it wasnt easy to post here so much information.

    Best Regards


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