Clever writing

Wish I could say I wrote this, but I didn’t. I’m posting this as an example of very clever writing:

It‘s a holiday and my mother wants me to paint the bathroom (the pipes actually) and why not accompany her to Giant (the egg rolls are cheaper there) for shopping this weekend as well?

It‘s a holiday, one of the rare breaks inbetween work and OT, OT, OT. There is still the Chinese New Year holiday two weeks away. But that would probably be taken up by house cleaning. I wanted to finish up my drawings and videos as soon as possible. My portfolio needs all the bulking up it needs before the Feburary deadline.

In my mind was the almost casual mention in the email about a blogger and a book. I thought about how my hands shook in the aircon as my brother drove the family car for the first time in his life, trying to find the hospital. I thought about the voice in the turning leaves that late evening. But most of all, I thought about an email, a long time ago, that arrived in my mailbox at midnight with a jpeg attachment of a cherubic baby girl smiling at the camera.

No sorry it‘s not about modelling or anything related to the mailing list, he shouldn‘t really be posting this in the group, he knows this isn‘t the place for it, but he was desperate and he didn‘t know what to do, his niece is in hospital and in a critical condition, he remembered not too long ago, when she was just learning how to walk, she waited outside his room wanting to be carried, and he was working on the computer and didn‘t want to be disturbed and he closed the door, he really regretted doing that, the doctor said she has zero brain activity, they are deciding whether to pull the plug tomorrow, so please, please, can everybody just please just pray for her?

I painted the bathroom.

Source: Men of Clay:Split Second” (Jan 10, 2006)

I am no writer or critic but I’ve read enough to recognise clever writing.

It doesn’t preach and it doesn’t ramble. The writing is direct yet the point is subtle. Yet for all its subtlety, the message is clear: That there are more important things in life than work and the pursuit of material things.