Poem: Self-Appreciation


Reds, Whites
Sweet, Spicy
Clean, Dry, Velvety smooth

Bouquet, Palate

What does it all mean?

They are just terms to obfuscate
The taste of
Sour coloured water;

I understand wines
As much as I understand myself

Ivan Chew, 10 Jan 06

First posted in Seeds-O-Light Amateur Poetry Group. This poem was written in about 10 minutes, after I read a contribution by a group member who wrote a poem relating to wine. I was trying to use the concept of “Wine Appreciation” as a reference to how we might appreciate our life, or perhaps fail to.

The poem could be interpreted in many ways. One is about how we’re so good at coming up with elaborate terminologies on wine drinking while we don’t have a good way to show others (and ourselves) how to appreciate life.A group member had this to say when she read my piece:

… wines like many “spirits” are very mysterious. As mysterious as ourselves can be at times. All we understand is what we see at the surface but what’s behind it can be elusive“,

and adds that the poem reminded her:

not to be so obsessed about analysing life, instead, savor it and enjoy the process!

She definitely puts it more eloquently than I can.


3 thoughts on “Poem: Self-Appreciation

  1. Hello Ivan,
    I cannot refuse the invitation to post my poem in your comment’s corner. Thanks for inviting. So here it is.

    Amy Ada

    My penchant is collecting bottles of wine
    in colors, sizes and different shapes
    Mementos of tastes I cannot forget
    of reds and whites with their heady scents.

    Each bottle tells story of friends that I know
    Events and places that I had to go
    Like the wines inside these empty bottles now
    Friendship is remembered always somehow.

    Sweet aged wine yet some are bitter
    Makes life sparkle, tingle with zest
    Collect all the moments you have in your hands
    Let beauty surround you and share till the end.

  2. I like this poem. I have a slightly different perception in that I think it is okay to analyze life… if we are doing so for the sake of figuring out how to best enjoy our limited time. This is what my blog is working towards. http://jgaro.wordpress.com/ I hope you can find something that interests you there, as you have interested me here!

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