Tangerine’s Dream – Dream Sequence 1: Elf Warrior (1989)

1989 (Aug) Tangerine's Dream - Dream Sequence 1 - Elf Warrior 180705“Tangerine’s Dream – Dream Sequence 1: Elf Warrior” (Aug 1989). Poster paint on plain paper.

Ah, more of the warrior elves stuff. A friend of mine introduced me to a new-age synthesizer band called “Tangerine Dream“. Somehow, the band name and the elf-warrior idea got er… synthesized. Thing is, I often don’t have specific notions of the story behind the names I gave to the paintings and characters. The whole idea was to give some vague meaning to the titles — like how we see a book cover with a catchy title, and thinking what could possible be the story behind the title and the picture.