Red Expedition (1996)

1996 (Apr) Red Expedition
Red Expedition” (Apr 1996). Acrylic & ink on plain paper.
Can’t remember exactly what I read to have inspired this but it had to do with Mars. I imagined them as hunter-explorers, humans in armoured suits, on a newly terraformed Mars. Either that or they were Space Marines in newly colonised Mars.


Legends of Nimrath: Eria Bladers (1994)

1994 (Dec) Eria Bladers

“Legends of Nimrath: Eria Bladers” (Dec 1994). Watercolours, colour pencils & ink on plain paper. 

If you’re a fan of the band “Extreme” and find the next painting strangely familiar, you’re right! The original picture is from the inside sleeve of one of their albums (“Pornografitti”, I think). See, I liked the lighting effects of the picture and how Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt were posing. Then I imagined them carrying swords — and so it became “Legends of Nimrath: Eria Bladers”.

Tor’noh’kqlish: Warrior King of the Tarvarn Nation (1992)

1992 (May) Tor'noh'kqlish - Warrior King of the Tarvarn Nation
Tor’noh’kqlish: Warrior King of the Tarvarn Nation (May 1992). Poster paint on plain paper, watercolours & ink.I was toying with the idea of a cross between the American Indian and Roman warrior cultures. Of course I can’t deny there was more of the ‘Conan the Barbarian’ influence.

Warrior’s Prayer – The Metal Kings (1989)

1989 (Dec) Warrior's Prayer - The Metal Kings 180705
“Warrior’s Prayer – The Metal Kings” (Dec 1989). Watercolours & ink on plain paper.I was listening to a track titled “The Warrior’s Prayer” from the heavy metal band, ‘Manowar’ (Kings of Metal). The track starts off with a boy saying, “Grandfather, tell me a story!” and the grandfather did, with sound effects of the horses and men and swords and thunder… (storytelling for adults!)

Where Time Winds Blow (1989)

1989 (Aug) Cover - Robert Holdstock's Where Time Winds Blow 180705
“Where Time Winds Blow” (Aug 1989). Poster paint & ink on plain paper. This one was copied straight from the cover of a book of the same title, by Robert Holdstock. Wrote down the author and book title but forgot to note the illustrator. The story didn’t have a lasting impression but the book cover did. One of those moments where I looked at a book cover and told myself, “Hey I think I can paint it!” — oh, the crack in the glass was my additional touch (it wasn’t on the original cover illustration).

Tangerine’s Dream – Dream Sequence 1: Elf Warrior (1989)

1989 (Aug) Tangerine's Dream - Dream Sequence 1 - Elf Warrior 180705“Tangerine’s Dream – Dream Sequence 1: Elf Warrior” (Aug 1989). Poster paint on plain paper.

Ah, more of the warrior elves stuff. A friend of mine introduced me to a new-age synthesizer band called “Tangerine Dream“. Somehow, the band name and the elf-warrior idea got er… synthesized. Thing is, I often don’t have specific notions of the story behind the names I gave to the paintings and characters. The whole idea was to give some vague meaning to the titles — like how we see a book cover with a catchy title, and thinking what could possible be the story behind the title and the picture.

Sherba – Arakian Trakker Hound (1989)

1989 (Aug) Sherba - Arakian Trakker Hound 180705
Sherba – Arakian Trakker Hound (Aug 1989). Poster paint on plain paper.

If memory serves me, I think “Sherba – Arakian Trakker Hound” (Aug 1989) was inspired by reading Frank Herbert’s “Dune”. Somewhere in the novel, there was something about tracker hounds being set upon Paul Atreides (please correct me if I’m wrong about this).