Cybernetic Hand (original, 1990)

Cybernetic Hand (Sept 1990)
“Cybernetic Hand”, Sept 1990. Ink on sketch paper (scanned image: 648 x 804 pixels)

The theme for Illustration Friday (21 Apr ’06) was “Robot” (suggested by Dan Santat). Robot = Artificial device to perform human tasks (see definitions from How Stuff Works and also the Wikipedia entry). I dug around my earlier works and thought this fitted the theme, although when I did this back in 1990, I was thinking more of Cybernetics (the field of control and communications in living things and machines — see this, this or this).

The sketch came quite by chance. I was attempting a sketch of my left hand & forearm. For some reason, I ended up adding cables, wires and assorted machine parts to the picture. It was like what they say about eating potato-chips: “Once you start, you can’t stop!” Heh.

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15 thoughts on “Cybernetic Hand (original, 1990)

  1. From the looks of this hand, I think by 1990 you already had a great appreciation for nature and its intricacy. (Robot veins look like roots) Thanks for visiting my blog! I love Invader Zim!

  2. Right, the fact dat this was an original illustration is indeed cool…
    Attention to details is obvious…Reminds me of Luke Skywalker’s digi-arm…

  3. Very cool! It makes me think of Spielberg’s film “A.I.” when the various rogue robots would scavenge for replacement parts. Great detail!

  4. To Canyonman: It was completed relatively fast. Maybe because I had a clear picture of what I wanted in my mind already. Was just a matter of going with the flow.

    To MjM: You’re right! Now I see the face too. Maybe a company logo? New artform? Knuckle Tattoo? :)

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